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Version: 04/12/2012
Size: 3 435 176 Bytes
SFXWizard Software, LLC
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Welcome to SFXWizard and ExtractWizard


SFXWizard is a newly developed compressing utility with which you can create professional compressed files in various formats just by a few clicks. SFXWizard supports self-extracting exe format and SFX, a new Self-Extracting Archive file type just as generally used file formats (zip, bh, cab, jar, lha, tar, tar.gz).

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ExtractWizard is a user-friendly extract wizard utility. With ExtractWizard you can extract any archives by clicking through the wizard. It is a really simple and easy-to-understand utility to use for everyone supporting the extraction of more than 55 file types (Sfx, SfxExe, 7z, Ace, Arc, ArcExe, Arj, ArjExe, Bh, BhExe, Bz, Bz2, Bzip2, Cab, Cpio, Deb, Dmg, Enc, Gz, Gzip, Ha, Hfs, Iso, Jar, Lha, LhaExe, Lzh, LzhExe, Lzma, Mim, MsGz, Pak, PakExe, Pk3, Pk_, Rar, RarExe, Rpm, Split, Swm, Tar, Taz, Tbz, Tbz2, Tgz, Tpz, Uu, Uue, War, Wim, Xar, Xxe, Z, Zip, ZipExe, ZipMV, ZipSFX, Zoo, ZooExe).

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